National Aerospace Processing (NAP)

Aerospace metal finishing services including anodizing, chemfilm, passivation, shot peening, and painting

Metal Finishing Services for Military and Aerospace Components

NAP provides metal finishing services to the specifications required of military and aerospace components. We offer fast turnaround shot peening, passivation, anodizing, chemfilm, and painting services. Processes are performed to industry, military, and customer specifications. Visit our certification and capabilities page to find out more.

Aerospace Metal Finishing Services:

  • Aerospace Anodizing Sulfuric Acid Type II and IIB

  • Teflon coating

  • Passivation Type 6 and Type 8

  • Shot Peening

    • Ceramic
    • Steel Cut Wire
  • Conversion Coating (“ChemFilm”) – Type 1 and Type 2

  • Chromate and Non-Chromate Aerospace Painting

  • CARC Painting

  • Nadcap Quality System Approval – AC7004
  • OEM Approvals

  • Nadcap Approvals

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